CES Advanced Composites & Defence Technologies Exporting High Technology Solutions to the World

In our interview, Selçuk ŞENTÜRK, General Manager of CES, discusses exports results, ambitious goals with exports being vital for both the company and our country. With intention to grow on this path, creating employment, and developing new solutions/technologies, Açık Group is focused on taking the necessary steps to make CES an international brand and to be number one in the industry.

Date: Issue 97 - January 2020

Defence Turkey: Mr. ŞENTÜRK, first of all, thank you for taking the time for this interview. What can you say about the current infrastructure, manufacturing capacity, and technologies used in the production facilities of CES Advanced Composites and Defence Technologies?

Selçuk ŞENTÜRK: We have the most advanced infrastructure, machinery, and equipment regarding advanced composite manufacturing in International Aviation standards at CES's modern production facilities. We determine our manufacturing methods according to the specific requirements of our customers, and we opt for the most cost-effective process that delivers the highest quality based on our engineering studies. Additionally, we have high-pressure heat press machines that are not used by most composite manufacturers. We use these presses in special aviation projects and ballistic composite manufacturing.