Changing World, Changing Strategies Prof. Dr. Nafiz Alemdaroğlu, METU Aerospace Engineering Department

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UAS, are changing the world and most of the military concepts of operations (CONOPS) and strategies. Many nations are working on developing various types of Unmanned Aircraft

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012

Unmanned Aircraft Systems have significantly changed the world during the last decade by changing the classical concept of defense and attack [6, 7]. UAS are first used in the former Yugoslavia during the Kosovo conflict and then later used in Iraq and Afghanistan, by the US and NATO forces.  Balkans were a test case and a proving ground for the application of UAS for NATO Forces. Unmanned Aircraft Systems such as Hunter and Predator were extensively used during the operations by the NATO forces for providing surveillance of targets and for battle damage assessment of strike attacks by the NATO Air Forces. Today, other nations continue to operate UAS in the Balkans such as the German Luna and the French CL - 89 systems,