Coastal Surveillance Radar System – Maritime Information System Components Delivered

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

June 7, 2020. The Coast Surveillance Radar System (dubbed SGRS/CSRS) Project was launched by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) in line with the requirements of the Turkish Coast Guard Command. With this project, the objective is to create a surface image with adequate radar coverage of the Turkish Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zones under the responsibility of the Coast Guard Command and create a defined maritime picture supported by data received from automatic identification systems, electro-optical sensors and from the systems of other public institutions. Within the scope of the CSRS Project, the Coast Surveillance Data System (CSDS) and Maritime Information System (MIS) networks will also established in order to ensure the effective use of the data obtained through the sensors and the data obtained from public institutions and organizations. The CSDS is to be used for the information exchange between the centers and the Coastal Surveillance Stations to be established. The MIS aims to exchange information between civil/military public institutions. The first software components, which will provide primary operational functions to the Coast Surveillance Radar System, were successfully delivered to the Coast Guard Command in May 2020. The delivered Group-1 package mainly includes Radar and Camera Sensor Control, Video Distribution and Recording capabilities. Additional capabilities are planned to be introduced with Group-2 and Group-3. In the CSRS Project, software components were developed indigenously and nationally by HAVELSAN, while radar and electro-optical systems were produced by Aselsan.