Collins Aerospace; “We are Working with Local Turkish Companies to Provide Our Solutions.”

Defence Turkey caught up with Collins Aerospace Vice President for Actuation Systems Mr. Edward DRYDEN, during IDEF ‘19 to get first-hand information on Collins Aerospace Actuation Systems, the current position of the company on the global aerospace market and their involvement in Turkish aerospace programs. We also took the opportunity to ask him about their goals and expectations for the Turkish market. Collins Aerospace Mechanical Systems Business Development Director Mr. David CHARD also accompanied us during the interview.

Issue 92

Defence Turkey: Did IDEF ‘19 meet your expectations?  Did you have an opportunity to meet with the SSB or MoND?   

Edward DRYDEN: IDEF more than met my expectations.  I’ve visited many shows in the past but I think that the breadth of products, systems and solutions that are here at IDEF certainly makes it stand out for me. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet with customers and suppliers and potential partners in Turkey. It’s a great opportunity to really meet and look for those opportunities where we can reinforce the unmatched potential and value Collins Aerospace will bring to customers to advance the aerospace and defence industry. As you know, with the bidding and engaging with HürJet and TF-X it’s not just dealing with Turkish Aerospace, it’s a joint effort between Turkish Aerospace and the SSB, so we’ve had the opportunity to talk together.  

Defence Turkey: What types of solutions are you providing, and have you delivered any systems to the Turkish end user and Turkish companies?

Edward DRYDEN: Collins Actuation is one of the largest and well-established providers of actuation systems to the aerospace market.  We have been established in the region for decades, providing a complete range of aerospace and defence solutions for ministries of defence, integrators, aircraft manufacturers, airlines and other customers. Collins Aerospace is at the forefront of the industry with latest developments in technology supplying a vast portfolio of Actuation Systems for Fixed Wing, Rotorcraft and Military platforms.

We provide solutions to our customers for a range of actuation products including:

Primary Flight Controls

(Fixed Wing & Rotorcraft)

Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator

High Lift Systems

Nacelle Actuation

Anti-Ice Valves


Utility Actuation

Missile Actuation

Our objective is to continue to serve our customers in the region with the highest standards of operational excellence and help them in their future growth with the most innovative and trusted solutions and services. 

Defence Turkey: What about your activities in Turkey? 

Edward DRYDEN: Turkey is a very important market for us, and we are one of the main providers.  Collins Aerospace in Turkey has been involved in multiple endeavors supplying content on both military and commercial platforms and developing indigenous/local manufacturing capabilities. Collins Aerospace will continue to build upon existing partnerships.

We work very closely with Turkish industry and continue to explore partnership opportunities with companies like Turkish Aerospace, Aselsan, Havelsan, Roketsan and TÜBİTAK. Partnering for success through complimentary collaborations will enable Collins Aerospace and local partners to expand the existing reach.

In terms of actuation systems, we do the Environmental Control System (ECS) on the HürKuş. We also provide the main and tail rotor actuators on the T625. But if you look at the broader Collins Aerospace, we also provide radio and navigation systems on the Black Hawk variant and on the T625 and we have simulation on the F-16 and flight controls on the unmanned vehicles. 

Collins Aerospace’s expansive portfolio is uniquely positioned to provide Turkish customers with a suite of complimentary products and solutions. Collins defence ecosystems and connectivity are redefining aerospace. 

TF-X and HürJet for example are two strategic programs that Collins Aerospace is currently pursuing. Through increasing our existing presence and focus on indigenous content and solutions. We are committed to growing and collaborating with local industry leaders in Turkey. We are encouraged by the growth in the Turkish Aerospace industry and we see opportunities for Collins Aerospace to develop a supply base that we can use for our global projects.

Defence Turkey: Are you providing actuation systems to Turkish UAV manufacturers Turkish Aerospace, Baykar Makina and Vestel Defence? 

David CHARD: Yes, we are working with local Turkish companies to provide our solutions.

Defence Turkey: Let’s talk about the T625 GÖKBEY Turkish Light Utility Helicopter (TLUH), how many actuation systems are needed for each platform? 

Edward DRYDEN: On a helicopter you move the tail rotor and the main rotor, so on the main rotor it normally sits on the swash plate assembly and I believe it’s got three on the T625 so you’ll have the main rotor actuators and they work in combination and obviously allow you to change the angle of attack. Then on the tail rotor you also actuate the tail rotor head on which you have typically one actuator. We developed the entire system, so we will develop all the main rotor actuators together, and we then develop the tail rotor actuators together and we integrate that with Turkish Aerospace into the aircraft.

Defence Turkey: You have already mentioned your role in HürKus, but as you know, there are also the HürJet and TF-X programs. Can you elaborate on Collins Aerospace’s involvement in the HürJet and TF-X programs?

Edward DRYDEN: We’ve been working with Turkish Aerospace for the last 2 years on both the HURJET and the TF-X. We’ve been supporting them in developing their specifications. Our primary focus with them at the moment has been on the actuation system. 

Defence Turkey:  What about missile systems? Do you provide any actuation systems for indigenous missile or ammunition systems in Turkey such as the SOM?

Edward DRYDEN: Presently we do not, but we’ve started to engage with Roketsan to understand if there is any potential for us to bring more value to them.  They’re interested in what value the Collins group can bring.

Defence Turkey: Can you share figures about how many actuation systems have you delivered so far globally? And your company figures achieved in 2018?

Edward DRYDEN: We delivered a huge number of actuation systems. In 2018 we earned US$1,42 Billion only from our actuation systems business. As I said we are very well positioned in our market. 

Defence Turkey: Can you elaborate on how many countries are using your products around the world and on which platforms?

Edward DRYDEN: Collins Aerospace has a truly global presence for the products and services it provides. We have more than 50 years of actuation experience and we are supporting many customers worldwide. 

Defence Turkey: Are your products ITAR free? Do you experience any challenges, shortages, and any export limitations with Turkey?

Edward DRYDEN: I have businesses in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Italy and then by extension I’ve also got business in Indonesia and India. We supply different products from different sites to different customers. It very much depends on the product and where it is going. We are able to create tailor-made solutions dependent on customer requirements for full or partial Actuation Systems. We can also provide Full System Integration and Testing to ensure product performance. So the military products that are supplied for the US will obviously have the ITAR rules. All the products that are supplied outside of the US, we will always comply by the appropriate laws and rules of the country in which we are operating. 

Defence Turkey: So, your products contain some US technologies that is why they are subject to ITAR regulations?

Edward DRYDEN: In some cases yes but we are also developing non ITAR solutions to support other programs and comply with our customer requirements. For example, the interaction between HürJet and TF-X is being led from our UK business and there are licenses in place between the UK Government and Turkey to enable us to appropriately and legally engage and not attract ITAR. 

Defence Turkey: Mr. DRYDEN, thank you for sparing your time for our readers