Condor’s Tailor-Made Products for the Turkish Market

The company is the global leader in non-lethal technologies  

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

As a non-lethal industrial leader over the world, the Brazilian CONDOR is in full international expansion.  Present in more than 45 countries, the company starts now towards new challenges, such as gaining the Asian market. For this purpose, the company settled offices in Singapore. CONDOR has also chosen to open a regional office in Abu Dhabi, “so as to stay closer and better suit its major customers in the Middle East and also expand our way into this market”, says Condor´s CEO, Paulo Amorim. 

Thus, the company´s expectation is to expand the sales volume of products, such as rubber bullets, SPARK Electronic Control Device, Tear gas ammunition, among other technologies in the foreign market. In relation to 2015, CONDOR plans to export 60% of its annual revenue; a way found by the company to circumvent the domestic downturn and continue growing.