Conglomerate BMC Targets US$15 Billion in Turnover for 2023

In an Interview with Taha Yasin ÖZTÜRK, BMC Member of the Board of Management discusses BMC’s Sectoral experience and Advanced Technology achievements and future roadmap

Date: Issue 86 - November 2018

Defence Turkey: Mr. ÖZTÜRK, first of all thank you for your time for this interview. As a company, BMC is one of the leading companies in the land vehicles sector. Could you please inform us about the partnership and management structure of BMC Company?

Taha Yasin ÖZTÜRK: 25.1% of our company’s shares belong to the ÖZTÜRK Family, 25% to Ethem SANCAK, and the remaining 49.9% belongs to the Qatar Armed Forces. Therefore, we can say that 51% of the shares are in the hands of the Turkish citizens. We have a Board of Management including 10 people, 5 of which are Turkish and the remaining 5 are Qatari members.