Contract Between the SSB and Aselsan for 22 Additional Modular Base Areas

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

Within the scope of the project carried out by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) according to the needs of the Turkish Land Forces Command, 3 modular bases equipped with advanced reconnaissance, surveillance and weapon systems developed with domestic and national facilities were successfully completed and delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces within the scheduled period. Within the framework of the project conducted by Aselsan as a contractor, the total number of base areas delivered so far is 36, while the construction of 15 base areas is still in progress.

The modular base areas offered to the service of the Turkish Armed Forces consist of portable living units reinforced against mortar bombs, ballistic protection systems, alarm, safety and warning systems. The installation activities for modular base areas equipped with night and day vision thermal cameras, radar and sensors detecting the surface and underground mobility, remote control weapon systems are ongoing within the scope of the Modular Temporary Base Area Project signed on February 5, 2013 between the Presidency of Defence Industries and Aselsan.

Within the framework of the project that was initiated to secure the strategic points, the SSB also signed an amendment with Aselsan on August 7, 2019 for an additional 22 areas to be established in the upcoming period. Within the scope of the “Modular Temporary Base Area Project”, the SSB had previously ordered an additional “Security System” valued at US$ 119,115,506 on January 12, 2018. The latest improvements and additions are planned to be completed by 2020.