Contributions of METU to Defence Industry / Interview with Prof.Dr. Ural Akbulut , President of METU

Date: Issue 6 - June 2007

Contributions of METU to Defence Industry

“The Middle East Technical University is one of the leading research universities in Europe and the Middle East with its international education system and modern campus equipped with the most advanced scientific and technical facilities. METU has established the first Technopolis of Turkey in order to provide a cooperation platform to meet the research capabilities of METU with the industry. Many projects involved high technology for Defence Industry carried out at Technopark. Prof. Dr. Ural AKBULUT ,the president of METU; the university which contributes to the Defence Industry the perspective of research and development studies, products, capabilities and technologies developed at its TEKNOPARK and educating engineers that will be working in the defence industry, has responded to our questions and evaluated the contributions of METU to the defence industry”