With technical requirements of Turkish Armed F

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012

We, as KALE KALIP, will contribute to the design phase of the ?Modern Machine Gun? having the features to be used in combat environment night and day and under every terrain and weather conditions with our know-how, experience and technology? said OKYAY and added: ?The gun which is to be designed and produced with close cooperation of specialists from Turkish Armed Forces will have an efficient design specifically for the needs of Turkish Armed Forces. The gun to be designed will be aimed to be superior to its equivalents in the world with its features such as lightness, long-life barrel shot, easy disassembly and reassembly and long effective firing range. In addition, 13 several state-of-the-art software and hardware systems, such as computer based design and analysis tools and dynamic and kinematic analysis software will be used in design, development and production phases?.

OKYAY said: ?The project will start in January 2012 and the design, development and production line qualification is planned to be completed at the end of 2015. In ?National Infantry Rifle? project, the contract of which was awarded between MKEK and KALE KALIP in 2009, three different prototypes were developed during the same phase and they were presented to the Land Forces Command. Continuous improvements were made on prototypes. 50 A serial prototypes were produced and 36 different tests were successfully completed on these prototypes under the supervision of SSM and TSK personnel?.

Mr. Ünal ÖNS?PAH?O?LU, General Manager of MKEK made a speech at the ceremony and said: ?Since 2005, people oriented working approach has been the vision and the training has been the road map of me. We are placing a special emphasis on R&D studies. In MKEK, the number of R&D projects being carried out is 112. Currently the resource utilization is 320 million TL. Each year the sales of MKEK has been growing compared to the previous year. We have been performing export activities to 61 countries. We have signed contracts at a total budget of 326 million US$. The turnover target of MKEK in 202 is 10 billion US$?.

In his speech, Mr. Murad BAYAR, Undersecretary for Defence Industry said: ?MKEK as a public sector, KALE KALIP as a private sector and TSK have embraced the project with a noteworthy enthusiasm. The important thing here is that how the business to be realized will provide ability to the Turkish military?.

Modern Machine Gun will be ready in 2015

The Modern Machine Gun is to have more than 1000 m. range, 7.62 mm. caliber, single operator, long-life barrel shot and spare barrel within each unit. It will have minimal rebound/backlash, gas delay system, rotary head locking system and make 750 shot/minute. Following the design, development and production line qualification, it is be planned to take part in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces in 2015.