Coşkunöz Holding to Produce VTOL UAVs via UAVERA

Coşkunöz Holding acquired IVME IHS and will focus on producing low-altitude fixed-wing small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAVs and target VTOL UAVs that can reach high altitudes and speeds.

Date: Issue 104 - February 2021

January 22, 2021 Providing high value-added products in important sectors such as automotive, technology, and defense and aerospace, Coşkunöz Holding is preparing to produce UAVs after acquiring IVME IHS, which operates in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Established to develop indigenous and generic flight control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, Ankara-based İVME will continue its activities under Coşkunöz Holding, which will combine its experience in the defense and aerospace industry with the new company, with its new corporate identity UAVERA.

Following the acquisition, Coşkunöz Holding has invested approximately 15 million TL in UAVERA and started projects to produce low-altitude fixed-wing small VTOL UAVs and target VTOL UAVs that can reach high altitudes and speeds.

Coşkunöz Holding will focus on providing solutions and services for commercial and military use with UAVERA, which has the capacity to produce 3 systems/6 aircraft and their sub-components per month. Studies on the localization of camera systems, engines, avionics, and other UAV technologies that are supplied from abroad will be one of the top priorities of UAVERA.

Erdem ACAY, CEO of Coşkunöz Holding: "We aim to break new ground in the Turkish defense and aerospace industry"

Erdem ACAY, CEO of Coşkunöz Holding, pointed out that the acquisition of İVME İHS will provide an avenue to transfer their many years of experience in the defense and aerospace industry to the new company. ACAY also emphasized that they have projects for the localization of camera systems and engines supplied from abroad. "With our new investment, we aim to break new ground in the Turkish defense and aerospace industry. In addition to UAV and military projects, it is also on our agenda to provide services and products to semi-private and private institutions in areas such as surveillance, detection, monitoring, and maintenance. Turkey buys the camera systems and engines of UAVs from abroad. We are currently carrying out projects to localize these systems."

Stating that they significantly accelerated their UAV projects, ACAY said, "The UAVs that we will develop will be able to take off and land vertically. Thanks to the software we have developed, our UAVs will have the ability to move autonomously and be easily operated by pilots via their user-friendly simulation interfaces. Our products will be capable of meeting the various service requirements thanks to their modular structure that allows different tasks. With the production of domestic systems, we will prevent hacking and malicious control mechanisms for UAV systems."

Noting that they will carry the company further than today with investments and studies, ACAY said, "Being the market leader and technology developer in the target VTOL UAV market in Turkey is among our future goals. We aim to produce indigenous systems by developing optimum products in line with the needs of the military and all sector partners and providing limited solutions with the rental system we plan to implement."

Underlining that Turkey has become a country that produces essential technologies in the field of UAVs, ACAY emphasized that domestic companies should be supported in these sectors. ACAY said, "Turkey has become a country that produces essential technologies in the field of UAVs. Turkish companies can provide several technologies. Well-established businesses such as Coşkunöz must support these companies. Thus, instead of looking for technology abroad, we wanted to provide support by purchasing IVME, a national company that has been working in this field for a long time with an established infrastructure, technology, and R&D culture. By taking an entrepreneurial SME under our holding's wings, we transformed it into domestic and national UAVERA which can achieve much greater goals"