CTech Exhibited its Innovative Products

Issue 76 - July 2017

Founded in 2005 with the aim of developing indigenous technologies in the fields of defense, security, telecommunication, aerospace in Turkey and to meet the requirements of secure communication, CTech has become one of the crucial companies with its depth of field in the Turkish Defense Industry with its R&D investments, engineering and design capabilities. Conducting its activities at Teknopark İstanbul with more than 100 engineers and staff, CTech unveiled its novel military products to participants during IDEF 2017 exhibition.

CTech introduced its “Airborne Satellite Terminal” system for the first time at the fair.  This system was manufactured for use in all military and civil air vehicles used at both the national and international level, comprising Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). In addition, CTech also unveiled Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Satellite Communication Terminal and Line of Sight (LOS) Satellite Communication Terminal at its stand.

Having informed Defence Turkey magazine about the products introduced during the Fair, CTech Product & Project Manager Mr. Derya Gürpınar said that CTech, as a subcontractor, assumed significant responsibility in the provision of jamming-resistant satellite terminals with electronic protection in the satellite system modernization programs being carried out under the coordination of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the main contractorship of Aselsan within the scope of the Turkish Armed Forces’ requirements, and continued: “This system was developed between 2006-2011 through the R&D studies conducted within the scope of AYSEK project. The product prototypes were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2011. One more program has just been initiated upon the system proving itself. There are various types of terminals in this system. There are also two types of modems in these terminals. The first one is the standard satellite modem and the other is the modem with an enhanced security level. The secure communication modem will be procured within the scope of the program. There will be a significant accumulation of knowledge attained from the AYSEK program. This model is impressively robust to all sorts of jamming and able to work effectively under harsh weather conditions. Secure communication is guaranteed to the users from 20 KBs to higher data rates. A rapid and secure modem will be delivered to our customers. We are also demonstrating single-channel and multi-channel modems at IDEF 2017. These modems are the achievement of the Turkish engineers from their power supplies up to their boxes. Our modems are in-service and our staff are currently testing these modems at our premises.” 

Modems to be Used by the TAF in 2018

Mr. Gürpınar discussed the terminals designed and produced by Turkish engineers, and stated that all mechanical boxes and electronic card designs of the terminals were developed by Turkish engineers and that this was a significant achievement for them.

In addition, Mr. Gürpınar stated that secure communication is one of the priorities of the world’s armies and said that these systems could be sold abroad along with these systems that are launched to be used by the Turkish Armed Forces. “We hosted the Commander of the Azerbaijani Naval Forces throughout the exhibition and he elaborated on this system in our stand. Delegations from other sister countries were also interested in this product. Secure communication attracts the attention of all countries. We also consider that this product can be a striking export product”, added Mr. Gürpınar. 

Mr. Gürpınar also shared the latest developments regarding the SATCOM Satellite Terminal Design and Development Project and said that TAI made procurement from abroad for the SATCOM satellite communication terminal in the Anka-S Project. “Based on our skill and knowledge in this field, they commissioned us to build a unique satellite communication terminal. Within the program which initiated in December 2014, we completed the design and production phase of our modem. We also procured an antenna in order to test the satellite communication terminal. We are currently maintaining terminal tests on this antenna. On the other hand, we launched our studies to localize the antenna. In 2017, we will have developed and produced a unique antenna with the skills of the Turkish Engineers”, said Mr. Gürpınar.