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CTech Satellite Communication System Solutions

Date: February 25, 2022

Established in 2005, CTech Information Technologies currently operates in Communication, Cyber Security, and Modeling-Simulation technologies in the fields of Defense & Security, Aerospace, Telecom, and Broadcasting. During the SAHA EXPO Fair, CTech displayed two different models of 12-inch (DEV-KA-12, Ka-Band) and 18-inch (DEV-KU-18, Ku-Band) broadband SatCom-on-the-move Terminals, Space Telemetry & Telecommand Systems, Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal, Cloud Data Security device KRYPTOS, Live Mobile Streaming device Modeo Live (exported to 25 countries around the world), and Millimeter Wave (MMW) Radio Link Systems.

CTech Broadband SatCom-on-the-move Terminals Solutions

CTech, which started the delivery of the proven DEV-KU-18 (Ku-Band) SatCom System developed for ANKA-S UCAVs in July 2020, is developing the DEV-KA-12 (Ka-Band) SatCom antenna and air modem that can also be used on Tactical UAV Systems such as BAYRAKTAR TB2 and KARAYEL UCAVs. Delivered in two different versions, 10Mb/s and 20Mb/s capacity depending on the needs (uses the same dish, but have some differences in some hardware and the rear-mounted power supply), the DEV-KU-18 (Ku-Band) SatCom air terminals successfully operate on ANKA-S and AKSUNGUR UAV platforms (both in the General Directorate of Forestry and the Turkish Naval Forces service). As of November 2021, over 10,000 flight hours have been achieved with 5 SatCom air terminals, 2 of which are located on ANKA-S and 3 on AKSUNGUR. CTech, whose terminals are used on the Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) UAV platforms, also receives additional production orders thanks to the UAV/UCAV exports of TUSAŞ.

At the same time, negotiations with CTech continue to provide the ATAK II Helicopter with both narrowband and broadband SatCom capabilities and HÜRKUŞ with narrowband SatCom capability. While the Narrowband SatCom system is used for sharing voice files and short messages, the Wideband SatCom systems can be used for image and video sharing. While Ku-Band guarantees 4Mb/s bandwidth, Ka-Band allows data transfer up to 40Mb/s. As the antenna diameter increases, the data transfer capacity increases as well.

The air segment of the Broadband Satellite Communication System (GBUHS) developed and delivered by CTech consists of a SatCom Antenna, Air Modem, and Antenna Control Unit on the aircraft, while the ground segment consists of Ground Modem, Mobile Satellite Ground Station, Mini HUB (a satellite terminal that can transmit in multiple frequencies simultaneously, it can operate 3 satellite terminals at the same time), and HUB (a satellite terminal that can transmit in multiple frequencies simultaneously, it can operate 5 satellite terminals at the same time) Systems. Within the scope of the Broadband Satellite Communication System Project, CTech also delivers the newly developed Deployable/Mobile Satellite Ground Station to the Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) in addition to the air terminals. The Mobile Satellite Ground Station, which is much lighter and smaller than its counterparts, has a 3.7m diameter antenna. Each Mobile Satellite Ground Station with its 3.7m antenna can simultaneously operate 4-5 SatCom air terminals with a capacity of 10Mb/s. The antenna diameter should be increased to operate 10 air terminals at the same time. As part of the Broadband Satellite Communication System, CTech will deliver nearly 40 SatCom air terminals (in two versions, 10Mb/s, and 20Mb/s), 5 Mobile Satellite Ground Stations (used in various centers of the Turkish Armed Forces) equipped with more than 10 MiniHUBs, and 1 HUB System to Turkish Aerospace by the end of 2021. CTech has also developed SatCom terminal solutions for helicopters and land vehicles, and within the scope of a project carried out with the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), the land vehicle model (12-inch Ku-Band SatCom terminal) was tested on the BMC product VURAN 4x4 armored vehicle and a successful demo was held last year.

CTech Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal

Since the satellite broadcast is an unsecured broadcast, it can be listened to by anyone, provided that they have appropriate/sufficient tools and equipment. In order to prevent this, CTech has developed the Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal, previously known as the Secure SatCom System, in accordance with NATO STANAG 4606 standards. Jamming Resistant Satellite Communication Terminal, which is a kind of electronically protected communication system, has been specially developed for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). It has been stated that there are only two suppliers of this product in the world, one of which is a European company, and the other is the CTech. In this context, two companies are competing in a NATO tender. CTech also made a demo to NATO in the past for the Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal, which has two different versions, single-channel and multi-channel. It is not possible to jam, suppress, intercept, and record the satellite communication to be carried out over the Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal, which can be used on all kinds of platforms on land, at sea, and in the air. According to the information I have received, the production phase of the system is still in progress, and CTech has recently started to deliver the Jamming Resistant Satellite Communication Terminal to the Turkish Armed Forces. In the first stage, TAF aims to use the Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal on land (TUMSIS) and naval platforms (KILIÇ-Class Fast Attack Boats). The CTech Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal, developed for use in case of war, is part of the new generation TAF X-Band Satellite Communication System Project (TUMSİS), the acceptance activities of which were completed in November 2021. According to the information I got, CTech previously offered the Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal to the Turkish Aerospace for use in ANKA UAV, but since localizing the SatCom system was the main focus, the Jamming Resistant SatCom Terminal was not prioritized for the ANKA UAVs at the time (avionics chassis needs to be produced).

The TX100 Satellite Telemetry Beacon Transmitter (flight module), which is among the Space Telemetry & Telecommand Systems exhibited at the SAHA EXPO fair, is handcrafted using gold material on a ceramic PCB. TX100 is a telemetry transmitter designed for use in geostationary satellites and provides phase-modulated transmission of telemetry data produced on the satellite to ground stations. Meanwhile, CTech exported Turkey's first satellite componenet to Thales Spain last year. Additionally, CTech has planned to deliver the work packages under the TÜRKSAT 6A National Communications Satellite Project in November/December 2021.