CTech – Steady Stride of Success; Strategy Based on Products & Solutions and Competition

In an exclusive Defence Turkey Magazine interview, CTech General Manager Dr. Cüneyd Fırat discusses the company’s projects, national and international commercial and government partners in defense, security, satellite systems, cyber security and broadcasting technology

Date: Issue 72 - March 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Dr. Fırat, first of all we would like to thank you for this interview and your time. Could you please inform us on CTech’s structure and areas of activity?

We are conducting our activities in our main office at Teknopark Istanbul and at our branch office at Bilkent Cyberpark in Ankara. We were merely 4-5 staff when we started our journey in the beginning of 2005 and currently we are carrying out our activities with a family composed of nearly a 100 staff. CTech is continuing to take firm steps ahead in its 13th year of establishment with a strategy based on products and competition and by putting forth worldwide products and solutions.