Cyber – A New War Domain

Col. Cengiz Özteke Commander of TAF Cyber Defence Command

Issue 48 - January 2014

Information Technologies (IT) became an important part of our lives with the incredible innovations in the 21st century. We are getting more dependent upon this new technology. Besides making our daily life easier, IT has a lot of applications in our work life. This is so obvious when we consider time spent on sending e-mails, preparing e-documents etc. We, as human beings, became successful! in getting this new cyber domain a new war domain. Now cyber is inevitably became the fifth war domain after land, sea, air and space.

Cyber, as our new war domain, has some differences from the other war domains. What are the different characteristics of cyber? The very basic characteristic of cyber-attack is its asymmetric feature. In other words; bigger impacts can be achieved with little effort. In the war domains other than the cyber; you must have sophisticated and expensive weapons to dominate the adversary. But in cyber, with a cyber-weapon, developed by a few cyber experts using little resource, you can endanger adversary’s critical infrastructure like electricity distribution infrastructure or airborne early warning system.