Cyber Security - From Luxury to Necessity

Issue 48 - January 2014

In this age of technology and communication convergence, the impact of technologies and innovations that center on computers, cell phones and the Internet is profound. The following Market Insight considers the increasing importance of Cyber Security as an essential part of a nation states defence infrastructure. Frost & Sullivan defines Cyber Security as the act of protecting critical information or any form of digital asset stored in a computer or in any digital memory device.

It is important to understand that complete cyber protection is not achievable by using one form of security solution, but needs an amalgamation of different security technologies. There are different forms of threat with each one presenting a different level of seriousness and requiring its own unique solution. The higher degree the terror, the more advanced or complicated the approach to enforce safety measures. In order to understand Cyber Security it is important to understand the different kind of threats and the various domains through which these threats are transmitted.