DAMISE General Manager & Co-Founder Yasemin OK

“Our next-generation digital platform DAMISE, we focus on bringing stakeholders together and working on Ecosystem, Academ, Inovalite, Supplier System, and DAMISE Club to offer effective solutions to the sector`s current challenges in the long run.”

Date: Issue 124 - July 2023 Update: July 13, 2024

Aerospace, space, defense, and maritime industries are rapidly growing sectors that contribute significantly to national and international economies. It is our responsibility to ensure the development of these industries and enable our companies and stakeholders to adhere to national and international standards, making them corporate global brands. To get detailed information about DAMISE, which we believe will provide maximum benefit to the sector, we are here with Yasemin OK, the General Manager of DAMISE.

Defence Turkey: Before delving into DAMISE, your comprehensive platform that you believe will bring great value to the sector, could you introduce Yasemin OK to us?