Data Distribution Service Connects All Asset Types

Effective electronic connectivity between all defence assets is now essential for today’s operational command and control. Moving from stove piped architecture to an environment where everything is interconnected can present huge security and configuration challenges. NICK PRIDHAM, of Hamersham Middleware Expertise, discusses how such challenges can be overcome across the defence sector by using a software middleware solution called Data Distribution Service (DDS). DDS saves defence programmes time, money and resources by automating the communications processes across all asset types

Date: Issue 83 - July 2018

DDS is a publish-subscribe communications software technology that can improve the flexibility and scalability of networks in defence applications. It facilitates the transfer of information between publishers – producers and senders of data – to subscribers, or those who consume and read data. This can be carried out regardless of whether they are using different operating platforms or systems, and without the need to connect to a central message server or broker. It can be referred to as a peer to peer communication method.

DDS creates a common backbone communication method for every asset type to exchange data. Connections can be made between a wide range of devices in defence applications, including air to air, air to ground, personnel to vehicle, vehicle to vehicle, personnel to personnel and many more.