Dearsan:An Innovative Shipyard with is Sound Achievements

Defence Turkey:Mr. Gökbayrak, first of all could you please enlighten us about D

Date: Issue 27 - May 2011

Defence Turkey:Dearsan is the main contractor for the 16-piece Tuzla Class Patrol Boat Programme. Recently the second patrol boat aptly named “TCG KARABURUN” has been delivered. Could you inform us recent status and your activities in this regard?

Harbour acceptance tests of 3rd Boat are going on and sea trials will start shortly. We are preparing 4th boat for the harbor tests. 5th one is being prepared for launching. 6th and 7th are being outfitted. 8th and 9th are in block form and will be erected soon. That means total 7 vessels are in different building stages at the same time. We have planned to start 10th and 11th within this year.

Defence Turkey:What are the other capabilities, products and technological superiorities of Dearsan which has moved ahead and broken new grounds with the technology developed in Naval Ship Building Industry?

Development activities are being carried out carefully by Dearsan to have similar variants of Tuzla Class Patrol Boat in order to have the flexibility for specialiesed requests and requirements from other end users therefore tailor building the Tuzla Class Patrol Boat for each client such as adding a rear ramp for inflatable craft for Coast Guard operations, integrating different missile systems for air defence, adding a larger forward gun for corvette type missions or even extending the dimensions to comply with end user requirments (ie. LOA, beam) . In addition to the Tuzla Class Patrol Boat programme and its variants, Dearsan has also the capabilites to design and build tug boats, replenishment at sea tankers, fast intervention boats with aluminium hull and corvette type ships as well. Dearsan also has package projects for submarine rescue motherships, special forces attack crafts and landing ships for armored cavalry. Dearsan is currently undergoing various negotiations with other end users to conceptualize other naval projetcs such as diving support vessels and the previously explained Tuzla Class Patrol Boat variants.

Defence Turkey:How do you evaluate the export activities in recent years? What are your intended plans and targets in relation to marketing and exportation on international platforms? Could you additionally elaborate the priority districts as well as strategies concerning cooperative production?

More and more the world navies have found theirself involved in military operations other than war missions in the littoral. These missions have called into question the operational and financial prudence of employing its high technology, high cost fleet in low-end operations

Naval platforms need to be capable of multiple roles depending on the situations they are faced with; combined with this is the need to ensure a cost effective long term solution based on technology that is both modern and proven.We will act in construction of such naval platforms with our friends. All littoral states are our priority.What are your activities and studies in the subject of Research and Develop? Could you inform us about your infrastructure, quality standards, objectives and plans you established for these activities?

We develop our products with solutions in mind always adding a value to every vessel we deliver. The development of our own commercial vessels, which are sold on a worldwide basis, represents our main goal and our resources will be allocated to achieve the task in the defence industry as well. We constantly push the limits of conventional thinking by utilizing our corporate culture of staying humble and thinking outside the box in an unconventional way to provide solutions to problems end users face every day.

Defence Turkey: