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Declining Budgets and Falling Procurement Could Put Brakes on European Military Land Vehicles Market

Dual Focus on Cost-effective Products and Planned Military Modernisation Programmes to Help Suppliers Stay on Track Legacy military equipments in most European armies are becoming irrelevant for present-day operations, as they

Date: Issue 31 - December 2011

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan , European Military Land Vehicles Market Assessment, projects total market revenues at $ 4.52 billion in 2010 and it is expected to reduce to $ 2.01 billion in 2018. The reduction in revenues is mainly due to cuts in spending; however lack of visibility on future programs that might arise after 2015 is also to be considered. The following market sectors are covered in the research: military land vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

"At present, urgent operational requirement (UOR) procurements represent an important market driver," remarks Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Mahendran Arjunraja. "Once the Afghan operations come to a halt, the market is anticipated to migrate from UOR towards planned modernisation programmes, which have been pending for some time."