Defence Industry Executive Committee made critical decisions

At the first meeting of 2012, critical decisions regarding the future plans of the Turk

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012

2 F-35 A (JSF) aircrafts to be ordered

At the first meeting of the year, the Joint Strike Fighter Project F-35 Lightning II (JSF) for meeting the new generation fighter aircraft requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces was also discussed in the agenda. SSM was authorized and appointed for placing an order for two F-35A aircrafts, which are planned to be received in 2015. Increasing the number of orders in view of the project developments was also discussed at the meeting and this additional procurement was decided to be evaluated by the Defence Industry Executive Committee later.

ANKA commences mass production

One of the topics taken part in the Defence Industry Executive Committee?s agenda was the ANKA Project, being carried out for meeting the medium-level unmanned air vehicle needs of the Turkish Air Force Command. Initiating contract negotiations with TAI regarding the mass production of the first package of 10-aircraft was decided in the meeting. The test flights of ANKA unmanned air vehicle have been performed since December 30th, 2010 and its calibration test studies based on flight time, range and performance are still continuing. By the increase in the number of prototypes of ANKA UAV and acceleration of test programs, ANKA is planned to take part in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces in 2012 summer.

It was also decided in the Defence Industry Executive Committee?s meeting to initiate contract negotiations with ASELSAN for the 1st Phase of multi-purpose phase-array radar improvement project required for the Anti-air Warfare Frigates TF-2000 project. Besides, it was decided to initiate contract negotiations with Kale Havac?l?k Sanayi A.? as a result of the bid evaluations within the R&D project initiated for meeting Turbojet Motor needs of Turkish Air Force Command.