Defence Industry in 2040

Sustainability in the Industry, Innovative Technology

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

The 4th Synergy Turk Defence and Aerospace event supported by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) again brought together the defence industry. The opening remarks at the 2040 defence industry event, in which the themes of sustainability and innovative technology were discussed, were delivered by Abdullah Raşit Gülhan. Gülhan, mentioning that they were in a new formation, indicated that the Turkish Professional Database was accessible by Turkish businessmen around the globe and a database they could use to combine their strength. He added that they hoped to present this project as a ‘human resources’ project to companies.  In another project, ‘The Turkish Companies Database’ Project, Gülhan explained that they wanted to reach Turkish companies anywhere in the world and collect these companies into a database. He further added that the real objective was growing together.  

Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Industries, Sedat Güldoğan, commenced his speech with information on the place that the defence industry had reached today. Giving examples on the developments of the industry in the last decade, of today and future plans, Güldoğan, by giving examples of the Atak Helicopter, UAV and Tank projects, stated that these projects existed in the past but were cancelled because they could not be successful and as a result of new models developed they had thus arrived to this day. Güldoğan continued his remarks with the stage that the SSM had reached as of now and that an important indicator of this development was that, in addition to certain countries in Europe, export negotiations were taking place in many other countries. In addition, the production of certain products that took place in local defence industry firms that were not utilised were sold overseas and that this was another success for the defence industry and, in particular, Turkey was a brand name in land vehicles.  In all projects at the development stages, a serial production contract had been signed, said Güldoğan, and that these signed contracts were an indication of the level of maturity reached in the industry and gave the Anka, Hürkuş and Atak projects as examples. Mentioning the importance of the low and medium altitude air systems that will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2017, Güldoğan underlined the fact that Turkey was among 3 or 5 leading countries in the world in this area.