Defense Industry Integration and Interoperability Call for Joint Developments, Building on Strong Mediterranean Traditions and Ties Between Spain & Turkey

Admiral GOMEZ: “Spain and Turkey, both NATO members, are already cooperating within the Alliance and, in this regard, the deployment of the Spanish PATRIOT battery in Adana, close to the border between Turkey and Syria, is worth noting. "

Date: Issue 106 - May 2021

Admiral Santiago Ramón GONZÁLEZ GÓMEZ Spanish Directorate of Defense Industries/National Armament Director (NAD) of Spain talks with Defence Turkey magazine about upcoming bilateral meetings, identifying potential areas of cooperation, particularly in the naval and air sectors, in which both countries are already involved and have many common interests. As mutually beneficial shared projects are further consolidated, the use of joint procedures for training, maintenance and doctrine are possible. The future is promising for these two countries as Spain maintains its support of Turkey’s European perspective and will work to find areas for dialogue in the Eastern Mediterranean, where stable and continuous cooperation is necessary.

Defence Turkey: As the National Armament Director of Spain how would you explain your job and official duties? How would you sum up your role?