Dialectic in Turkish Defence Industry

By Kaya Yazgan, Defence Turkey Magazine Member of Advisory Board

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

If we define the dialectical method as “focusing on alternatives at the same time and looking for a transcendence of the opposites entailing a leap of the imagination to a higher level” we can easily trace notion back to immemorial Greek philosophy. But it was Hegel to formulate the celebrated three-step process, “thesis, antithesis, synthesis”; namely, that a “thesis” would cause the creation of its “antithesis, and would eventually result in a “synthesis”. 

Considering basic policies of macro economy we encounter some similar dualities such as “state-owned vs. private enterprise”, “planned vs. market driven economy” and “national vs. export market”. These alternatives used to be considered as conflicting opposites. However based on analyses made on development of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong etc., economists started to perceive these alternatives as complementary policies rather than conflicting alternatives. Evans classified sates into three categories: Predatory, Intermediate and Developmental States . In addition to East Asia Countries mentioned, Cardoso and Falleton included some Latin America states to developmental states because of their industrialization policies in 1940’s and 1950’s .  Even some economists comprehend Austria and Finland as developmental states due to their “late comer” policies in the past.