DIMDEX 2012 Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference was held in QATAR

Nearly 150 participant companies and over 9000 visitors from 25 countries attended DIM

Issue 34 - May 2012

Turkey, under the leadership of Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), participated in DIMDEX 2012 Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference with 16 companies. Senior officials from Qatar, Oman, Sudan, Italy, Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates visited the SSM?s stand as well as Turkish companies? stands and obtained information from the representatives on potentials regarding exports to region countries and corporations as well as current relations. In addition to the fairground, 14 warships from 11 different armadas at Doha port took place in the exhibition. TCG F491 Giresun Frigate from Turkish Naval Forces also anchored at Doha. The Turkish Naval Forces Command also participated in the exhibition in order to introduce MILGEM Corvette.

C-1600 Corvette Project was introduced

The MILGEM Corvette drew intense interest of the delegations from the region countries at DIMDEX. Several interviews were made on MILGEM project especially with senior officials of Qatar Naval Forces. Senior officials of Qatar also took a close interest in the new Patrol Boat except for MILGEM project.

Regarding the corvette program, including the supply of 4 corvettes for meeting the long term needs of Qatar Naval Forces, the concept model of C-1600 Corvette, which was offered by STM, ASELSAN and HAVELSAN was exhibited in the SSM?s stand. ASELSAN shall equip the equipment of the warfare systems, HAVELSAN shall perform GENESIS warfare management system integration and STM shall conduct the project management on the supply and establishment of the body of the ship, machinery and required components. Following the evaluation of the offers, the Project is expected to be finalized in 2012 and the contract is planned to be signed with the main contractor in 2013.