DIMO Corp. Swiftly Fulfilling Aviation and Defence Requirements for North American and European Companies

In an exclusive Defence Turkey interview, Sohrab NAGHSHINEH - President, DIMO Corp. shares insight into the company’s position as a global leader in the provision of services and equipment for air, land, and naval forces

Issue 91

Defence Turkey: Can you please briefly introduce DIMO Corp. to our readers? Why was it established and what has been accomplished during last 25 years?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp. was established to support the brave men and women that keep us safe in Aerospace & Defence. Since its inception in 1994, we have created value for many of our customers by solving challenging and complex procurement needs to keep their fleets in the air. Along the way we have received many awards for quality, delivery, and customer service – but the one that I am most proud of is our Presidential ‘Export’ Award for Excellence in Export that was presented to us by the US Secretary of Commerce in 2016.

Defence Turkey: Could you please provide some key facts and the organizational structure of the company for our readers? 

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: Dimo Corp is fully recognized and registered with US State Department as well as the Defence Logistics Agency. Our staff has decades of experience in Aerospace and Defence. Dimo Corp is also TRACE and ISO 9001:2015 Certified; CAGENumber: 1HUX5.

Defence Turkey: As a distributor/representative to a number of major North American and European companies, DIMO Corp. has specialized in fulfilling aviation and defence requirements at a moment’s notice. Can you elaborate on the products & services you have provided for customers around the globe?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: We deeply believe that for a company like ours to be successful, we must put the Customer above all else. This philosophy has led us to be very diverse in the products and services that we provide, as we are driven by Customer needs. As a result of the Customers we work with, we have typically focused on aircraft such as the F-16, C-130, and UH-60/T-70 Blackhawk. The areas in which we support to a greater degree are Motion Control, Life Support, Avionics, Hydraulic Components, Landing Gears and ISR equipment. 

Defence Turkey: Can you elaborate on your MRO & Overhaul and Repairs services for military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp., along with our trusted partners, have been providing Overhaul and Repair services for military fixed wing and rotary wing for 25 years.

Defence Turkey: What could you tell us about the international presence and market position of DIMO Corp. in the field of parts and component support for military aircraft?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp. established its international presence by opening a sales offices in Ankara and in Abu Dhabi in 2002 to better understand and support the needs of our customers in the region. We are now, providing parts and component support for military aircraft worldwide which includes Turkey.

Defence Turkey: Can you elaborate on your customer portfolio? How many Armed Forces around the globe utilize your services? Why should potential customers and governmental agencies obtain your Services?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp. provides support for the US Armed Forces as well as the militaries of 38 countries, including the TUAF. Due to the exclusive agreements with major US and UK defence companies, as well as carrying a large inventory of parts and components, many of our customers continue to come back to DIMO for their spares  and repair needs. 

Defence Turkey: How would you position DIMO Corp. in the Turkish market? Can you summarize DIMO Corp.’s involvement in Turkey over the last decades?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp. has been actively providing support for programs such as ANKA UAV, HURKUS Trainer, F-16, UH-60, and C-130 of the Turkish Armed Forces. We decided to work with many of the Turkish aerospace and defence industry talented personnel over 20 years ago. This was due to the fact that we always had absolute confidence in the internal capabilities of Turkish industry. This confidence has resulted in working with major Turkish aerospace and defence companies, such as Turkish Aerospace, Aselsan, Roketsan, Havelsan and many more within Turkey. 

Defence Turkey: DIMO Corp. represents a multitude of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which enables you to provide services throughout the spares supply chain. Can you elaborate on the OEMs that you represent in Turkey? 

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: We are not able to elaborate on this question due to the sensitivity of certain programs.

Defence Turkey: Can you elaborate on the ongoing programs that DIMO Corp. currently pursues in Turkey? What could be the next program for DIMO Corp. in Turkey?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp. is presently providing equipment for the HURJET, HURKUS-C, and T-129 ATAK Helicopter. We are actively looking for strong partners in Turkey to provide local capabilities within the country.

Defence Turkey: Can you elaborate on your short and long-term objectives, vision in Turkey?  

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: In the short term we hope to continue supporting the active programs and to see them through to complete production. However in the long-term, we hope to help expand the Turkish indigenous industry by bringing expertise from around the world in-country and setting up in-country repair and overhaul capability for some of the equipment that is currently being worked on outside of Turkey. 

Defence Turkey: What can you tell us about DIMO Corp.’s participation at the IDEF ‘19 Exhibition? 

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: DIMO Corp. is presenting some of the latest advanced defence technologies during IDEF and we are inviting all Turkish defence forces to our stand 221A for a personal detailed explanation. 

Defence Turkey: Would you like to add anything by way of a message our readers?

Sohrab NAGHSHINEH: We are proud to be participating in the advancement of Turkish Armed Forces programs and would like to continue bringing added value to our customers in Turkey. It has also been an honor to work with such great Aerospace Industry leaders like Mr. Temel KOTİL of Turkish Aerospace. I truly appreciate his vision in expanding self-sufficiency and looking forward to bringing as much added value to the indigenous work in Turkey