Dyneema® HB80 in final testing s

Issue 23 - November 2010

DSM Dyneema is the inventor and manufacturer of Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. Dyneema® is an ultra strong polyethylene fiber that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers, both on weight for weight basis.
Dyneema® floats on water and is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals. The applications are therefore more or less unlimited. Dyneema® is an important component in ropes, cables and nets in the fishing, shipping and offshore industries. Dyneema® is also used in safety gloves for the
metalworking industry and in fine yarns for applications in sporting goods and the medical sector. In addition,
Dyneema® is also used in bullet resistant armor and clothing for police and military personnel. Dyneema® isproduced in Heerlen (The Netherlands), Flaach (Switzerland) and in Greenville, North Carolina (U.S.A.).
DSM Dyneema is also a partner in a high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) manufacturing joint venture in Japan.