“ECDIS” Innovative Technological Solution from STM for the Maritime Industry

Issue 100

STM is the first company in Turkey that has obtained the EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED)’s Wheelmark certificate, which is globally recognized, with its “STMDENGİZ ECDIS” (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) developed by indigenous software for both naval and merchant ships. 

With its computer-based infrastructure that offers interfaces for auxiliary systems such as Log, Gyro, Inertial Navigation System, Echo Sounder, GPS, AIS and etc. available on the platform, and which is compatible with the radar overlay, STMDENGİZ ECDIS is in compliance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and provides navigational safety to its users with various electronic navigation charts (ENC) (S-57, S-63, etc.).

STMDENGİZ ECDIS increases navigational awareness by integrating other auxiliary navigation systems, which increases the efficiency of the navigational plan by reducing the time to be used in the cruise plan and its evaluation. The system has a positive effect on the efficiency of map corrections by reducing the burden on navigation personnel with automatic map corrections that are made by the electronic map producers and uploaded to the system, which eliminates the need for manual map corrections and long navigational plans. STMDENGİZ ECDIS, contains user-friendly software, offers easy-to-use display functions and high operating performance. The system has various screen sizes, detailed route planning/editing options, and safety control functions.