ECTOCRYP® BLACK Device is Now Approved By U.S. Government to Protect Top Secret Voice Communications

Date: Issue 35 - September 2012

The National Security Agency (NSA) has approved ECTOCRYP® Blackvoice encryption device to encrypt secure voice calls¾up to and including those classified as top secret¾on U.S. government communications networks. EADS North America has been working with NSA and the device recently underwent NSA evaluation and received its Approval to Operate, which is equivalent to the agency’s Type 1 designation.

"This approval shows that ECTOCRYP® Black has been through the same rigorous degree of security assessment as other Type 1 encryption products on the market, has demonstrated its effectiveness, and can be trusted by end users in the Department of Defense to fully protect their information," said Mike Cosentino, Senior Vice President of Operations for EADS North America.