Elopsis - Promoting cooperation and Technology Transfer Through Seasoned Consultancy, Championing High Quality Optic and Optronics Maintenance and Repair Services in the Region

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

Elopsis was founded in 1995, a family company that was set up as an agency providing consultancy. In the beginning, the company mediated the supply of imported spare parts from abroad for the requirements of public authorities, especially for military materials. In addition, Elopsis provides Engineering and Consultancy Service and works to promote and market products of foreign companies who have granted Elopsis the authority of representation. 

Parallel to the efforts to improve our defense industry, the company has aimed to adapt an approach that promotes cooperation and technology transfer in order to be more efficient, rather than simply trying to sell ready made products to Turkey from the foreign companies we represent via our consultancy services. Within this scope, it became possible to take place in the Submarine Periscope Maintenance and Repairs project and the “Altay” MBT project with the companies represented by Elopsis. Also, Elopsis worked as sub-unit supplier in local Inertial Navigation System (INS) of the Turkish Armed Forces and its activities are ongoing in this project. 

We provide services of Representation, Agency and Distributorship Relations with foreign Manufacturer Companies. Our company personnel also receive training improving our technical substructure. Parallel to the improvement in our equity utilization opportunities, with our strengthened technical substructure, based solely on local opportunities, we were able create a center that is designed to provide Maintenance and Repair Services of Optic and Optronics. We started providing services at the center from the beginning of 2013 for Target Coordinate Determination Systems Solutions, Laser Distance Measurement Devices i.e. LH30, LH40 and LP16 Maintenance Repair, and these services actively continue. Within this scope, malfunctioned devices from users abroad are sent to the Elopsis center. These devices are repaired and sent back and “service export” is performed, thus bringing foreign currency to Turkey. 

Furthermore, we continue working as a system integrator and a supplier for manufacturing companies in export projects that are executed from our country, as well as in domestic projects regarding monitoring and border safety systems and military type navigation systems. 

Improving our ongoing maintenance repair capabilities and related opportunities are of principal importance to us. Correspondingly, our activities are ongoing in order to become a known regional service location for devices and to improve our service export ability.  Elopsis is trying to acquire maintenance repair opportunity capability for different types of models of devices and to reduce the amount of devices that are sent abroad for maintenance and repair from our country. Elopsis has planned investments around this objective and activities continue toward acquiring required abilities. 

Also, Elopsis is planning to start activities aimed at increasing its local share by acquiring the capability to repair laser sources, which Elopisis began importing in 2015.  

The importance of being able to meet the requirements of our country and nation completely with local manufacturing and our own resources is incontrovertible. Historical events reflect that the significance of military requirements has increased. The current level of our country’s defense industry is satisfactory and has been assessed as very positive and promising.

However, activities being performed toward increasing export potential of products should not sacrifice quality. The possibility of local requirements reaching a saturation point is of consideration, however it should be noted that a high volume of exports may be achieved by presenting the highest quality product with the most economical and competitive price in the market. The idea of performing separate product studies for domestic sales and exports should not be considered. This issue is a topic that must be considered by corporations that carry out activities that support exports and those that direct the defense industry. 

Elopsis, Consideration of its Own Activities 

As Company Management has always aimed to improve itself and its customer portfolio, since its foundation in 1995, Elopsis places importance on the availability and activities of our country that are aimed toward improving and directing the defense industry toward achieving high level and strong domestic participation. Within this framework, Elopsis endeavours to work with our country’s defense industry organizations and corporations, within common studies all over the world; especially in Middle east, Caucasia and Europe, we would like to increase our export ambitiously.