Engine Control Unit Supply Contract for TEI-PD170 Engine

Date: Issue 110 - October 2021

Turkey's leading aviation engine company TUSAŞ Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) and KAREL, one of the important electronics manufacturers of our country, signed an Engine Control Unit Supply Contract for the TEI-PD170 Turbodiesel Aviation Engine.

Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), which is the system that controls an aviation engine from the moment of its first start until stop running, was developed by TEI and KAREL engineers within the scope of the Operative UAV Engine Development Project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries and targeted as the output of the TEI-PD170 engine serial production. FADECs to be produced under this contract, which will ensure the continuation of the serial supply of FADECs currently used in TEI-PD170 engines, can also be used in other piston diesel engines of TEI. TEI Chairman and CEO Prof. Mahmut F. Akşit, TEI Programs Director Ahmet Kain, Karel Chief Technology Officer Yaman Tunaoğlu, Karel Defense Solutions Director Senih Başol as well as senior executives of the two companies attended the signing ceremony held at the TEI booth on the second day of IDEF’21. Activities for the serial production phase of TEI-PD180ST and TEI-PD222ST engines, developed based on the TEI-PD170 engine, continue at full speed.