Enmares Adjusts Focus Toward International Cooperation

Date: Issue 63 - September 2015

Enmares is  filling an important gap in defense, aviation and marine industry, considering the projects requiring custom system design and in-house manufacturing. Enmaresis working like “short-term additional departments” for its customers. Its customers just define the mission and leave the rest of the project implementation to Enmares. This model especially fits best for interdisciplinary projects like naval helicopter platforms, in which shipyards have to fulfill aviation requirements, which are completely out of their area of specialization. 

Enmares designs and manufactures helicopter transfer and towing vehicles, steel or aluminum electromechanical aircraft maintenance platform systems, miscellaneous aircraft maintenance and ground support equipment, personnel safety netting systems for naval helicopter platforms, manufacturing fixtures etc. Not limited to these systems, It carries out many other complete military subsystem design and manufacturing projects. Enmares is the main helicopter system and understructure subcontractor of almost all ongoing military and governmental vessel projects in Turkey. It involves the project in design stages of the vessel under consideration and work together with the design team of its customers. It undertakes whole technical responsibility for that platform to be able serve for helicopter takeoff, landing, accommodation and other applicable operations like VERTREP.