Entrepreneur Investor Summit; which has been held between 31st October- 2nd November within the initiation of METU Tech

Issue 8 - January 2008

After the first day; following the evaluations
regarding work plan of the activity in which METU Technopolic Technology Investments Association actively participated; entrepreneurs
and investors had an oppurtunity to meet. On the last day of the activity; working styles of the structures, including European Investment
Funds, that can be financial resource, and the possible financial resources for the trepreneurs have been put forward. METU Rector Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut; who made the opening speech stating
that they aim to bring together technorepreneurs and techno investors; expressed that they are working for creating entrepreneurship fund and
they aim to create an action plan process about this point. Akbulut stated that 100 project applications to the activity have been reduced to 19 and then 8 by an expert board. Akbulut
also stated that 8 projects on software, electronics, building and wind power confronted with 16 investors. Also; he expressed that as a university they attach great importance to the development of Turkey and so they believe
in the necessity of generation and export of information and technology. Akbulut stated that they aim to contribute to the generation and export of information and technology by means
of “ Entrepreneur Investor Summit” and to generate a synergy by bringing together Young Turks of the technology within the summit.
Within the summit; in order to direct young brains to the entrepreneurship; between 15th September- 15th October various trainings have been performed about preparing work plan and “
detemining strategy due to changing economic conditions” which is one of the prominent components of entrepreneurship. Turkish techno entrepreneurs who received these trainings
from Dr. Uffe Bundgaard- Joergensen, the boss of the one of the prominent risk capital companies Brabo Venture, enjoyed the oppurtunity to meet
investors within the frame of the summit. Entrepreneurs, who work in different fields from software to defence, biomedical to energy, have presented their work plans to the members of the
Venture Academy composed of “ Enterprise Capital “ and “ Work Plan Evaluation” on 31st October. In jury, there were chairmen and managers of the prominent firms of Europe such as
Europe Unlimited (BE), Mobiaves S.L (ES), Brabo Ventures (BE), Highgrowth Partners (ES), Simbioses Venture Capital (ES), LC Capital (FR),
Active Capital Partners (ES), INBIS (LU) ve Najeti Capital SCR (ES). Among the young techno entrepreneurs; the ones whose projects were
appreciated, sat on the other side of the table on 1st of November and told their opinions to the investors who are to convert their opinions into production. Among the investors who are to
assess the opinions and works of the young techno entrpreneurs; members of the Technopolic Technology Investors Association, which is the first functional “ Business Angels Network”
of Turkey founded by METU, and representatives
of the significant capital companies of Turkey such as Is Girisim (Is Bankası), KOBI AS, Innovent AS, Türkvent and Teknoloji Yatırım were ready.