Environics envisions Turkey as her business partner in CBRN field

Environics has over 20 years experience in the design, development and manufacturing of CBRN detection systems and products. Recently Environics participated Mobile

Date: Issue 18 - October 2009

1-Could you please inform us about the structure and history of Environics?

Environics is part of the Finnish Finntemet Group. The majority shareholder of Environics, Finntemet group, provides a solid financial background and has a long term commitment to business based upon the values of family ownership.

Another key company in this Group, Temet Oy, has provided advanced protective solutions for hardened civilian and military shelters, industrial infrastructure and mobile collective protection applications for more than 50 years.

Environics Oy was established 1987. Environics USA inc. was established in 2002 to meet the growing need of full CBRN capabilities in North and South America. Environics USA inc. is fully owned by Environics Oy.

Environics Office in Middle East was opened in 2007.

Environics employs roughly 100 persons in Finland, Middle-East and USA. Approximately 45% of the employees works for Research and Development.

The annual turn-over has been increasing during the past years. Year 2009 Environics is targeting to achieve almost 20 MEuros turn-over.

Head Quarter is situated in Mikkeli Finland, close to the main production facility.
Environics invests heavily in research and development, which guarantees the latest technology and state-of-art solutions to our customers.

2-It is obvious that Environics is the world leading company providing state-of-art CBRN detectors, analyzers and integrated systems for CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, laboratories and emergency management system. What are the main areas of interest, core capabilities and products of Environics?

Environics Oy has more than 20 years of experience gained from the CBRN security industry. This creates a solid foundation to implement reliable and functional solutions for CBRN detection and analysing. The company focuses on developing CBRN sensors and related software for complete security systems for both military and civilian customers.

In addition to Personal CBRN detection and analysing devices Environics delivers tailored turn-key security solutions for CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, complete mobile and fixed CBRN laboratories as well as fixed CBRN monitoring networks.

Environics also develops and delivers software solutions for real-time Environmental Monitoring and Emergency Management Systems.

The well known product brands of Environics are M90 Portable CWA detector, ChemPro100 Handheld Chemical Detector and Bio100 Bio Aerosol Detector.

So far Environics Oy has delivered almost 15’000 units of detectors since 1987. Environics has customers in more than 40 countries.

Environics invests heavily in research and development. Almost 45% of the personnel work for R&D and engineering departments. Our core competences are in area of development are CBRN sensors, sampling techniques and real-time management and emergency management software.

System Integration, Project Management, Life Cycle Management and Turn Key Solutions are on the other hand our core competences thanks to our vast experience from the past.

3-Environics has signed contracts with Turkish Civil Defence Organisation regarding chemical detectors. Within this context how do you assess the activities performed over the years?

Until last year our sales activity was just focused on delivering chemical detectors to
Turkey. Environics delivered the first M86 CWA detectors to Turkish Civil Defence during 1991. Since that year we have delivered M90 CWA detectors and later on tens of ChemPro100 Handheld Detectors to Turkey, mostly to Civil Defence organisations.

Thanks to these references from previous years we know it very well that Environics brand is respected and trusted name among Turkish Defence Authorities. This fact gives us a solid ground to meet the current requirements for integrated CBRN solutions.

4-As it has been already known, Environics participated Mobile CBRN Laboratory tender to meet Turkish Land Forces requirement. How do you assess your position among your competitors? Could you please inform us about your activities in line with this project?

Environics already participated the Request for Information (RFI) phase for Mobile CBRN Laboratory in autumn 2008. After the RFI phase the tender for Mobile CBRN Laboratory was published and we submitted our proposal to SSM in June 2009.

We see our position very strong as Environics can provide a complete solution for Turkish Land Forces, not only the laboratory equipment themselves but also the processes, training and full support for the life time of the project.

We posses lot of competences related to CBRN laboratories thanks to our deep collaboration with Finnish Defence Forces for similar project in Finland. In addition to that we have delivered a complete fixed CBRN laboratory to one of customers in Middle-East.

For this particular project we have carefully selected competent partners from Turkish Defence Industry. Our main partner is Meteksan Defence for this particular project. Meteksan Defence is in the best position to maximize local content ratio compared with the competitors for the project as well as quarantee the local support for Integrated Logistics Support after the delivery. The competence and technology transfer are playing important role in this project so that Turkish Land Forces can start to utilise the Mobile CBRN Laboratory in full speed from day one after the delivery of it.

5- What are your strategies and plans towards Turkey to strengthen the collaboration with Turkish Defence Forces and Defence Industry? What are your views in doing more intense cooperative work with Turkish companies for the 3rd countries in Caucasus and the Central Asia.?

Until a short time ago, our activity in Turkey was focused on sales of M90 CWA detectors and ChemPro100 Handheld Chemical detectors.

However due to the changing circumstances in the region and new requirements for CBRN security from Turkish Land Forces and other Turkish civilian organisations, we have started a new phase in our activities in Turkey.

We also have taken into account the facts that increasing number of Turkish population is highly educated in the universities and there is lot of Turkish hightech companies, which are willing to collaborate with us.

Concerning Mobile CBRN Laboratory we have already started deep collaboration with Meteksan Defence for the subsystems, which can be produced and delivered from Turkey. This Mobile CBRN Laboratory, developed jointly with Meteksan Defence, can be the first solution we may promote jointly with Meteksan Defence to 3rd countries as well.

We are also promoting our solution for CBRN reconnaissance vehicles in Turkey. Our solution is based on state-of-art, field proved CBRN sensors. The most of these sensors are developed and produced by us. This fact gives us an opportunity to consider the real technology transfer to Turkey.

In case we are successful in one or both of these projects it’s obvious that we will start competence and technology transfer programs to our Turkish partners. We are in position to consider local maintenance, logistics and training center in Turkey. This center could support our activities in Caucasus and Central Asia as well.

As Finland is a forerunner in field of CBRN security we also are supporting the idea for training collaboration between Finnish and Turkish Defence Authorities.

6- Would you like to give some additional information and messages for our readers?

Our purpose is to make well known our capabilities and our cooperation potential with Turkish Defence Industry.

Environics is the key member in CBRN Finland, which is the industry group focused on this area working in close co-operation with the Finnish government. We can bring to the Turkish customers all resources and know-how of Finland in CBRN area, both in industrial and government sectors.

It is obvious that, we can reach to this target by building long-term relations with the Turkish MOD, SSM, Turkish Army and Turkish Defence Indusctry. It is very important for us to develop our dialogues on the basis of some concrete projects.