EnVision GOSSAMER on the Road to Catch the Essential

By Katja Kiukas, CBRN Solution Business Manager, Environics Oy

Issue 74

The EnVision Product Family by Environics provides fast deployable temporary CBRN detection capabilities for variety of applications where ever and whenever they are needed.

Mobile CBRN detection Capabilities to the FDF

The newest launch by Environics in the EnVision product line - EnVision GOSSAMER - represents a military grade, mobile Ground Operating CBRN Surveillance System with Advanced Measurement and Event Reporting. The product originates from the concept of the CBRUGS project (Chemical, Biological and Radiological Unattended Ground Sensors) supplied for the Finnish Defense Forces. This system has been successfully delivered and approved in the site acceptance testing at the beginning of the year 2016. Currently, operator trainings and field testing are in progress, and it is expected that the CBRUGS system aka EnVision GOSSAMER will be taken to operative use by the Finnish Defense Forces later this year. 

Building up Sensor Fields with Wireless Communication 

The EnVision GOSSAMER is formed by tripod based CRN measuring and data processing units and bioaerosol detector units, command and control posts with GIS based EnviScreen Operix CBRN monitoring software and rugged laptops, PDAs for local user interface, related radio communication system components and battery packs as power supplies. The EnVision GOSSAMER is typically featured with several sensor fields, each built upon a number of the key system building blocks, e.g. one sensor field containing ten Sensor Nodes and A Command and Control Post. 

Real-time Situational Awareness for Many Occasions

The system has been designed for Military Special Forces to be applied both in peacetime and wartime missions. It is ideal for creating temporary, mobile sensor fields for national or international crisis management or support for the other authorities.  These occasions include surveillance of accidental releases of airborne hazards e.g. around factories, warehouses, power plants, seaports and airports or surveillance of possible intentional releases of airborne CBRN agents related to battlefield operations, suspected terrorism or vandalism. “Real-time CBRN situational awareness is critical in the operational decision making process. With this field deployable EnVision GOSSAMER system situational awareness, required in actions of the defense forces, can be increased. Furthermore, the area of application of this sophisticated surveillance system is wide, from harbor protection to airbases and mass events,” says Major Mikko Elo from the Finnish Defense Forces. 

Environics Oy has operated in the field of CBRN detection nearly for 30 years and grown intensively as a provider for turnkey CBRN System Solutions during the last ten years. The trend has been boosted with related system software and application customized CBRN detector development. Nowadays fixed installed and mobile CBRN detection/monitoring systems play a significant role in the Environics´ annual CBRN business.