EPKİS and ATS-KİAS Procurement Contract Signed for MİLGEM 6-8th Ships

Date: Issue 126 - October 2023

The procurement contract for Integrated Platform Management System (EPKİS/IPMS) and Main Propulsion System – Control, Monitoring and Alarm System (ATS-KİAS) for MİLGEM 6-8th Ships was signed on September 25th in partnership with YALTES, TAIS Joint Venture, and STM. The frigates are being constructed at ANADOLU, SEDEF, and SEFİNE Shipyards, and the system deliveries will be completed within 2024 - 2025.

Since 2007, YALTES has successfully exported its entirely domestic and national EPKİS solutions to 6 countries, providing them to more than 50 platforms of various scales with different mission functions. Alongside basic hardware components, the EPKİS solution offers indispensable software for surface combatants, such as "Battle Damage Control," "Stability Control," and "Onboard Training." It also domestically develops decision-support software tailored to the mission function of surface platforms, such as "Cargo Ballast Control" and "Ship Structural Monitoring System." YALTES customizes the software it develops according to user requirements, offering tailor-made solutions for each project.