Erciyes Technopark Contribution to Defence Industry Technologies

Prof. Dr. Recai Kılıç, President of Erciyes Technopark

Issue 88 - January 2019

The Turkish defence industry has succeeded in realizing successful projects in many areas with a sudden advance in recent years. National projects continue with the great determination of the state. Turkey, while maintaining superiority in the region with its breakthroughs, continues with ceaseless efforts to multiply the power of our military without slowing down.

Erciyes University and Erciyes Technopark, in order to nationalize our defence industry, aimed to set up a new route for the academicians, entrepreneurs and industrialists in Kayseri with the “Defence Industry Kayseri Workshop” and the “National Power Workshop” to contribute to this sector on behalf of Kayseri. Together with these efforts, we also contributed to the Turboshaft Engine Sub-Systems Workshop hosted by TEI in Eskişehir, as we carried our experiences in B2B meetings on behalf of companies based in Eskişehir.

Nationally developed and produced power packs will not only contribute to the technology of Turkey but also provide great added-value to the Turkish economy. In 2017, within the scope of “National Power Workshop” organized in Kayseri with the cooperation of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), Erciyes Technopark and Technopark Istanbul, numerous bilateral meetings have been conducted with companies capable of producing engine sub-systems across Turkey for the development of national and indigenous power packs, which are central to the platforms developed by our defence industry.

With the participation of companies with experience in engines, mainly BMC and TEI, issues related to the development and production of engines and transmission components were discussed.

With this workshop, an important event was successfully carried out, in order for Kayseri companies to contribute to the country’s economy.

Due to the geopolitical position of Turkey, an active and risky area, the potential hazards and pitfalls of dependence on other countries in the defence industry are perceived very clearly by our country. The attempts to prevent our defence industry from developing is also an indication that our efforts in this process are justified.

The Defence Industry Kayseri Workshop, which was held in April 2018 with national participation, played an important role in providing both project partnerships and new targets in the defence industry. The workshop provided suitable conditions for conducting R&D projects with the qualified manpower and research centers of Erciyes University as well as the infrastructure at Erciyes Technopark. University-industry collaboration works best in countries that are industrialized, have switched to a knowledge-based economy or are in the transition phase. At this point, according to studies conducted by technoparks, technology transfer offices and research centers in universities constitute considerable importance.

In order to actualize new defence projects directly, Erciyes Technopoark is conducting many university-industry collaboration meetings in addition to workshops. In the projects agreed to by the parties, we sign the contracts as the third controller party to accelerate and formalize processes.

Erciyes Technopark carried out several meetings and provided new protocols for joint project development of universities and defence organizations and to start new projects in the SSB SAYP (Researcher Training Program for Defence Industry) and TÜBİTAK 2236 programs offering different working channels and funding opportunities.

Aiming to transform the traditional industrial understanding in our region into a technology-based industry, as Erciyes Technopark, we will continue our efforts in this field by believing that all of our services and efforts will contribute to the development level of our country’s defence technologies.