Esen System Pull off “Innovation and Creativity” Award thanks to “Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System”

The Wide Area Surveillance System manufactured for the first time in Turkey is capable of real-time monitoring the suspicious vehicles and human actions at city-center scale by tracking from the air 7/24. 

Issue 67 - April 2016

The system indigenously developed by Esen System Integration located at the technoparks at METU and Bilkent Universities was deemed worthy of the “Innovation and Creativity” award by the Turkish Electronic Industrialists Foundation. The system produced indigenously will contribute to the disaster recovery, urban planning and security areas in Turkey and also provide precious intelligence to law-enforcement officers and armed forces at theatres. By producing the system used and manufactured mostly by the USA, the company achieved a significant success. Wide Area Surveillance System enables real-time situational awareness of all the motions in the area through airborne surveillance at a medium scaled city (20 square kilometer). Very valuable data could be gathered from wide areas through the system which could be installed on manned and unmanned air vehicles.

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