Eskişehir: A Natural Region for Aviation and Defence Companies

by Zeynel Aksoy, Vice Chairman of ESAC

Date: Issue 50 - March 2014

ESAC, Eskisehir Aviation Cluster is formed to promote aviation related parts manufacturing capacity which will attract and help creating businesses in aviation and defence market globally. ESAC collaborates with Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and two primary universities in town Anadolu University and Osmangazi University. Eskisehir is known as homeland of Aviation companies due to the establishment of the first Aircraft Plant in Turkey. The Aircraft Plant which was established in 1926, with its current name Air Supply and Maintenance Center has the capabilities and capacity that can enter in first five among its examples in the world. 

ESAC, today, consist of 29 members of which two of them are outside the town. All member companies are either 100% aviation parts manufacturers or primary businesses are in aviation and defence sector. Since its establishment ESAC became a host for many organization companies. Our members are becoming more and more global Players in the market. When we look at the trend in aviation and defence market, there are quite a few new companies are entering every day to the market. Most of our member companies have over 15 years in the industry and their experience and knowledge of the requirements are very attractive for potential customers and partners. As we state in many of our gatherings and presentations, we have very complementary companies which can answer variety of different requests from customers. We have companies can do followings: