Report & Analysis

European C4ISR – Towards Integrated C2 at Coalition Level

Major (ret’d) Sabbir Ahmed, MBA Aerospace & Defence Analyst

Date: Issue 33 - February 2012


Introduct Following ‘Operation Unified Protector’ in Libya one piece of puzzle, albeit the core one, which needed to be worked at, was a truly joint C2 system, able to execute complex NATO-led missions; this is expected to become the focus of European C4ISR spending through 2020. Among the other main influences to the market through 2020 are integrated NATO-led Air and Missile Defence (AMD) network and integrated national C2 system- connecting top ruling brasses through to the lower military, homeland security and first responder’s echelons. Most European countries are already at the fore front of driving integration of existing disparate systems towards such a unified national command.