Export Sale of Aselsan’s Electronic Warfare Protected Handheld

With the project launched by the Presidency of Defense Industries, a new radio was developed for the Turkish Armed Forces. President of Defense Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR stated that the Electronic Warfare Protected Handheld Radio (EHKET), the delivery of which was made to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), was also started to be exported.

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

Within the scope of the TAF Multi-Band Digital Joint Radio Agreement (ÇBSMT) signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and Aselsan, the tactical and strategic communication needs of land, sea and air elements are met with software-based radios developed indigenously. A new model has been added to the radio family consisting of man-pack, vehicle and fixed station configurations. The Electronic Warfare Protected Handheld Radio-EHKET was developed as a new radio model within the scope of the project.

DEMİR stated that EHKET, a small, lightweight, multi-band, multi-functional tactical handheld radio that can meet the most challenging voice, data, video communication needs, was designed to adapt to even the most difficult environmental conditions. “EHKET radios can transmit high resolution images and videos which are needed in today's modern battlefields by using the broadband waveform feature even beyond line of sight. High level electronic warfare protection methods provide EHKET with high survivability. The first deliveries of the radios with national crypto communication were made to the TAF and have started to be exported. Turkey, having been obliged to use radios of foreign countries during the Cyprus Peace Operation, is now among the few countries in the world that is able to design, develop and produce its own indigenous communication systems for its all land, air and naval platforms.”