Extreme Low Light Digital Vision

Issue 74

The model: AN/VSS-502 is the next generation military driver night sight periscope with image fusion. It was designed by Wärtsila JOVYATLAS EUROATLAS in Germany according to armed forces requirements and meets all military standards. The company has extensive experience and a track record of night vision equipment since 1962.

The next generation driver night sight periscope fit for MBTs, APCs, AFCs, special purpose vehicles and can replace former image intensifier driver night sight systems, day sight periscopes or other camera systems. The digital vision periscope system consists of state-of-the-art sensors and electronic components designed under the measures of the latest available technology. The components are selected to fulfil the requirements of MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 1275 equipment.  The electronics and sensors are housed in a modular body which is protection class IP68K and filled with nitrogen. The system is extreme robust, reliable and well protected against harsh environmental condition like: shock, vibrations, high- and low- temperature, water, sand- & dust. The periscope system is operating 24h at day and night up to night level 5 and can detect most of the battle field laser. The standard configuration has two high resolution camera sensors, long wave infrared and CMOS. The system is available with up to 4 different camera sensors and technologies. All 4 camera sensors can be fused in real-time into one high resolution image and displayed to the driver and vehicle commander. Customer specified options are available on request.

The military vehicle driver sight periscope system consists of: 

Periscope housing with computer module and cameras  

Monitor cable with protection shield

8.4” TFT monitor with connector and user interface

DRIVER PERISCOPE KEY FEATURES                                     

Combat & safety upgrade

Compatible with many vehicles

Dual camera system, thermal & image intensified 

Low lifecycle cost

Easy installation

Passive cooling

Passive cameras, not detectable

Real time Image processing 

Soldered high reliable RAM & Flash

Passive cooled CPU & GPU

Operating temp. -40°C to +71°C

Latest advanced technology

High MTBF 

20 Years support