Figes and Anova Engineering Establish a Joint Venture - NUMESYS Software Systems

According to the agreement signed by Anova Engineering and Figes on the third day of the Eurasia Air Show, a joint venture titled NUMESYS Software Systems was established

Issue 82 - June 2018

In his speech at the signing ceremony, the founding partner of Anova Engineering Emre Öztürk stated that they have been planning this venture for years in order to extend simulation technologies in Turkey and enable their proper utilization. Expressing that they started to actualize their plans during the last year, Öztürk announced the establishment of the joint venture as of that day.

General Manager of Figes, Koray Gökalp noted that the union of the two companies gathered different disciplines and created a giant engineering infrastructure and added, “We will both sell software and execute engineering projects together.”

With this agreement the aim is for the proper and extensive utilization of the world’s greatest computer driven software engineering company ANSYS’s software in addition to extending simulation technologies and maintaining their continuous integration to R&D procedures.