FİGES is Manufacturing 3D Functional Metal Parts with Additive Manufacturing Technology by its Own Developed Metal Melting 3D Machine

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

FİGES, which has been a solution partner for the Turkish defense and aviation industry since 1990, developed Turkey’s first Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing Systems. At the beginning of 2017, FİGES put three different models, FLS 100, FLS 200 and FLS 300 Machines into serial production after three years of dedicated R&D and Product Development work with the involvement of subject matter experts and its strong engineering team.

Powering the machine industry with its new machines in the field of Additive Manufacturing Systems (AMS), FIGES has developed its FLS 200 series machine with best in class laser, scanning galvo systems and actuators to be able to compete with the machines of the world’s prominent players in the market. FIGES caters to various industries with its FLS 100 and FLS 200 series machines with larger manufacturing capacity, whereas FLS 300 is manufactured for the desktop and personal use.

FLS 100 and FLS 200 series machines utilize 250 and 500 laser generators. The machines have 100x100x100mm, 300x300x300mm, and 500x500x500mm volume manufacturing capacity.

FLS 300 series systems involve two different models built specially for jewelry and dentistry which utilize lower power lasers for 20x20x20mm and 70x70x70mm volume manufacturing capacity. 

FİGES has given special priority for the use of additive manufacturing machines in the Aviation Industry. The certification process has been started in cooperation with the leading aviation company of Turkey, TAI, to prove that the machines and its final products satisfy the Manufacturing and Product Standards in Aviation Industry.

FIGES will launch its FLS100 series FSL110 Machine during IDEF’17 13th International Defense Industry Fair between 9-12 May 2017.

The machines designed by FİGES Engineers also involve software developed in-house by the FİGES Engineering Team. FİGES, which is able to maintain a competitive position against competition with its new in-house technology, carries out new Product Development and R&D activities in order to increase domestic parts use, further develop performance at affordable prices, and expand product portfolio.

FİGES provides economic solutions to its customers who request additive manufacturing services. Parts at high complexity can be manufactured easily, breaking the borders of conventional manufacturing. The parts can be optimized by FIGES using Finite Element Analysis and Optimization tools if the client needs optimization services, as well.

There is growing demand from customers at various industries who need high precision fully functional metal parts to be produced faster for rapid prototyping purposes. The fast prototyping 3D Metal Printing services which has been already delivered at distant locations out of Turkey are now being delivered by FIGES at its Additive Manufacturing Systems and Services facility at Başkent OSB in Ankara.

FIGES is also planning to open new 3D Additive Manufacturing Service Locations in several other cities of Turkey, as well, in order to be able to better serve its customers, being more local, in line with the increasing demand.