Finmeccanica and Turkey: A strategic Cooperation

Finmeccanica is Italy’s leading manufacturer in the high technology sector and ranks among the top ten global players in aerospace, defence and security. The Finmeccanica Group focuses heavily on thre

Date: Issue 27 - May 2011

In 2010, it generated revenues of approximately EUR 18.7 billion and orders of EUR 22.5 billion. Finmeccanica has a backlog worth EUR 48.7 billion and invests about 11% of its revenues in research and development. Finmeccanica SpA’s ordinary shares are listed on the Italian stock market (FNC IM; SIFI.MI). The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance retains 30.2% of the share capital, while Italian and foreign institutional and private investors own the remainder.

For Finmeccanica, Turkey is first and foremost an industrial partner rather than just being a potential market. Over the years, close collaboration between Group companies and their Turkish counterparts has led to a solid industrial partnership that extends to the defence and security sectors as well as civil programmes. The activities range from helicopters for military and commercial applications to training and maritime patrol aircraft, radar (both air traffic control and air defence), communications systems, naval systems, urban trains and trams. Last November Finmeccanica opened its new representative office in Ankara to strengthen the Group’s presence in Turkey and to develop its leadership in defence and security. Moreover, Finmeccanica operates in Turkey through the offices of AgustaWestland, Alenia Aeronautica, Ansaldo STS and through SELEX Komunikasyon A.? - the Turkish subsidiary of SELEX Communications, based in Ankara having a branch office in Istanbul - mainly operating in the military, avionics and professional communications sectors since 1989, with about 75 employees.

Finmeccanica is now seriously assessing all opportunities for collaboration with Turkish industry in large-scale programmes to modernise Turkey’s Armed Forces and to realize large infrastructures in the country for homeland security, transports, air traffic control, maritime borders surveillance, as well as to supply satellite services. The group is particularly interested in the latest-generation basic training aircraft, as well as swing role helicopters, the new swing role fighter aircraft and a number of major naval projects. Finmeccanica is particulary interested in business opportunities for products such as: integrated training systems, swing-role aircraft, swing role helicopters and a number of major naval projects.
IDEF 2011: Alenia Aeronautica’s industrial and technological capabilities

Finmeccanica’s Aeronautics Sector is led by Alenia Aeronautica and includes the wholly owned companies Alenia Aermacchi and Alenia North America, together with its participation in joint ventures and consortia like ATR, SuperJet International, Eurofighter and GMAS.
Finmeccanica’s aeronautics sector has a role of primary importance in the world’s civil and defence aeronautical industry, with a total workforce of ca. 12,600 people and active in the design, development, production and integrated support of commercial and military aircraft, trainers, unmanned aerial vehicles and aerostructures. In 2010 it reported revenues of € 2.8 billions, orders of € 2.5 billions and a backlog of € 8.6 billions.
The Turkish aeronautics sector offers strong prospects for Alenia Aeronautica, which is participating at IDEF 2011, the “Eurasian Meeting” of the International Defense, Naval, Aviation and Aerospace sectors.
The Aeronautics Sector of Finmeccanica is currently promoting its industrial and technological capabilities in integrated training systems, special versions aircraft (for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare roles) and tactical transport aircraft.
In the field of Integrated Training Systems Alenia Aermacchi is demonstrating the M-346, the most advanced and modern twin-engine jet that provides high-quality training for military pilots destined for operational modern fighter aircraft such as the F 16, Eurofighter Typhoon and JSF.
The C-27J tactical transport aircraft produced by Alenia Aeronautica is an optimum solution for Air Force with demanding military mission requirements and larger strategic airlift. Its interoperability and common use by other NATO partners would provide the Turkish Air Force with a strong transport capability to participate in multinational activities such as peacekeeping, humanitarian relief and disaster response.
The C-27J is interoperable with the A400M with making use of the same cargo pallets. The C-27J is fully autonomous and can be operated in many out-of-theatre scenarios .
The supply of 10 ATR 72 ASWs (Anti-Submarine Warfare) to the Turkish Navy represents an important industrial co-operation in the aeronautics sector. Designed, developed and manufactured by Alenia Aeronautica for anti-submarine warfare (based on the civil ATR 72), the ATR 72 ASW is a highly-efficient medium-range aircraft, with competitive purchase and operating costs, and is also able to conduct maritime patrol missions.
As a main partner in the Eurofighter Programme, Alenia Aeronautica leads the Eurofighter marketing effort in Turkey. Turkey’s recent decision to launch the development of an indigenous fighter in the next decade and participating in the program development phase for the next Eurofighter variant (2020) could be a first step to enter in the new domain of the high-performances aircraft made in advanced materials like the carbon fibre and for Turkish industry to build up its experience in system integration. Eurofighter Typhoon - developed and manufactured in partnership, by Alenia Aeronautica for Italy, BAE Systems for the UK and EADS for Germany and Spain - would guarantee, not only complete air dominance for the Turkish Air Force, to replace the F-4 Phantoms still in service, but also would allow the Turkish aerospace industry to play an important role in the programme, both in terms of technology and innovation in industrial processes, with huge growth in know-how that can subsequently be transferred to other applications.


AgustaWestland, a leading company in the rotorcraft industry sector worldwide, boasts a longstanding and fruitful presence in Turkey since the early sixties through both multiple sales of various fixed and rotary-winged commercial and military aircraft models and industrial cooperation and partnerships. Initial success in the rotorcraft sector saw AgustaWestland receiving orders for more than 150 AB204/AB205/AB206 type units in ‘70s through to ‘90s by the Turkish Land Forces, the Turkish Air Force as well as the Turkish Gendarmerie while the Turkish Navy purchased 18 AB212s in ‘80s. Another major step was performed when the Turkish Under Secretariat for Defence Industries awarded AgustaWestland a contract for the procurement of a total of 15 AB412EP Search and Rescue helicopters for Coast Guard Command between 1998 and 2004.
AgustaWestland has long contributed to the development of Turkish aviation through its joint working with Tusas Aerospace Industries (TAI). This partnership, which started with the local production of SF260 aircraft, is still continuing with two of the most advanced products in AgustaWestland’s range: the AW139 helicopter, the world best selling medium twin for which TAI has been manufacturing a certain number of fuselages each year since 2004, and the T129 combat helicopter.
A key milestone in such relationship was set in March 2007 when the AW129 was selected to meet the Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter (ATAK) requirement of the Turkish Land Forces Command. The contract, which involves the Under Secretariat for Defence Industries, TAI, ASELSAN and AgustaWestland for the purchase of 50 units plus 41 options, became effective in June 2008. The first prototype performed in maiden flight in September 2009 and an order for additional nine units was signed in 2010. In accordance to the agreement, Turkish Aerospace Industry is acting as prime contractor while additional leading Turkish aerospace companies are being involved in the programme with significant industrial benefits for Turkey, including local final assembly, delivery and acceptance of the aircraft. Turkish industry is being enabled to provide the T129 with total support capability. The ATAK programme represents the beginning of a new endeavour in AgustaWestland partnership with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish aerospace industry, a new course in this relation which AgustaWestland has envisioned, planned, and executed with SSM with the aim to build in Turkey a modern helicopter industry to better satisfy the need of the Turkish Armed Forces while enhancing the technological capability of the overall Turkish defence industry. Through the ATAK programme AgustaWestland is committed to transferring its know-how to the Turkish industry so making this relationship evolve into a strategic partnership. By the ATAK programme the collaboration with the Turkish aerospace industry has been extended to the core of the helicopter technology represented by a complex system integration which will make the T129 the most advanced in its category, so satisfying the requirement of the land forces as well as making it very appealing to the international market where the Turkish industry will be able to play a primary role. Transferring AgustaWestland’s know-how to the Turkish industry through the ATAK programme is making this relationship evolve into a strategic partnership able to foster mutual benefits in the future.
AgustaWestland has also experienced a significant growth in the Turkish commercial helicopter market in recent years and has a longstanding presence in the country through both its products and commercial as well as industrial relationships with Turkish companies. Over 30 AgustaWestland commercial helicopters of different types have been ordered in Turkey by various customers so far mainly performing VIP transport, air tours and emergency medical service missions. Major results in the commercial helicopter market have been achieved for VIP/corporate transport and EMS applications. AgustaWestland is committed to even better supporting its expanding and already relevant presence in Turkey where AgustaWestland sees significant future business opportunities for a number of applications including VIP/corporate transport, EMS, shuttle services.
To date, numerous AgustaWestland commercial helicopters of various types have been ordered by several clients, leading to a total of over 260 military and commercial helicopters being purchased in the country