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First Batch of F110 Engines Delivered for the National Combat Aircraft

Date: June 02, 2022

The first batch of F110-GE-129E Turbofan Engines to be used in the first prototypes of the Turkish National Combat Aircraft (TF-X/MMU) was delivered. According to the information we learned at the 9th Air and Avionics Systems Seminar, the first batch of engines was delivered, however, no information was shared about the number of engines delivered.

The General Electric (GE) product F110-GE-129E Turbofan Engines are expected to be used in the first prototypes of the TF-X/MMU (3 Development Aircraft in Block-0 configuration) and in the Block-1 models to be manufactured under the LRIP and Serial Production Phases. In this context, Turkish Aerospace applied to the US Government for 5 engines in 2019 and 5 engines in 2021 to procure a total of 10 engines in two separate batches.