First Otokar ARMA 8x8 Export to An African Country

Turkey`s leading land systems manufacturer Otokar has been awarded a contract worth approximately US$110 million by an African country to supply ARMA 8x8 and Cobra-II tactical wheeled armored vehicles. Within the scope of the agreement, which is the first ARMA 8x8 order from Africa, Otokar will begin delivering the armored vehicles in 2021.

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

Continuing its export efforts despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Otokar received a new order of approximately US$110 million from an African country for different types of armored vehicles. Under the contract, Otokar will also provide spare parts and training services together with the ARMA 8x8 and Cobra-II 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles. Deliveries are planned to start in 2021 and be completed by the end of 2022. In his statement about the new order, Otokar General Manager Serdar GÖRGÜÇ said, "Completely designed and produced by Otokar, our company-funded armored vehicles are achieving great success in the international arena and are demonstrating the strength of Turkish defense industry, they symbolize the labor of Turkish engineers and workers. With this order, our ARMA 8x8 vehicle will be supplied to Africa and will serve on the African continent for the first time. We are also very proud of the fact that this new order comes from a country that we had not exported to before. Our customer is quite satisfied with our products, which became a reference for this order.

Today, Otokar armored vehicles serve more than 50 users in more than 35 countries. Considered among the world's leading vehicles in their class, Otokar armored vehicles are recognized for their mobility, protection level, and survivability.

Otokar Cobra-II 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle

First unveiled at IDEF 2013, the Cobra-II is a more heavily armored successor to the Cobra. The Cobra-II has a combat weight that is roughly double that of its predecessor and is slightly wider, longer, and taller. Standard equipment includes a rearview camera, thermal front camera, Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), Run-flat tires (395/85 R20), Anti-Locking Brake System (ABS), Air Conditioning System/Heater, 5-Point Seat Belts, Adjustable Seats for Driver and Commander, Floating Floor, Roof Hatches, Gun Ports and Vision Blocks, Towing Eye, ARMATRONICS (Vehicle Electronics), Driver's Vision Enhancement System, Driver Integrated Display, Blackout Lighting System, NATO Type Blackout System, Logging and Replay System (Video and Vehicle Data), Embedded Diagnostics, Jump Start Socket, Fog Lights and Radio Provisions. 

It can be optionally equipped with the Winterization Kit, Self-Recovery Winch, CBRN Filtration System, Automatic Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression System, Radio/Intercom System, Smoke Grenade Launchers, Auxiliary Power Unit, Situational Awareness System, Commander Integrated Display, Navigation System (GPS/INS), Ramp Door with Emergency Exit, and Barricade Remover. In an APC configuration, the vehicle can carry up to ten personnel (including the driver and the commander) and be armed with several different weapons, including crew-operated machine guns and remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWS) armed with short-range surface-to-air missiles and grenade launchers. It features high-level protection against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and land mines. Thanks to its modular design, the vehicle can be produced in different versions according to customer-specific requirements. Cobra-II has an overall length of 6.4 m (with winch and spare wheel), a width of 2.5 m, a height of 2.3 m, and weighs around 13.5 tons. Its ground clearance is 40 cm.

It is powered by a 6.7L, six-cylinder, water-cooled, turbocharged, common rail, diesel engine mated to an automatic gearbox (six forward and one reverse). It produces a power of 360hp (269kW) at 2,650rpm and torque of 1100Nm at 1,400rpm. The engine is also compatible with F-34 and F-54 fuel. It has a maximum speed of 110 km/h (68 mph) and a maximum range of 700 km (430 mi). It features fully independent suspension with spring & shock absorber and hydraulic assisted power steering with an adjustable steering wheel. The amphibious version of Cobra-II has an approximately 8 km/h swimming speed and 1 m fording depth. It can traverse 30% side slopes, 60% gradient, climb over 50 cm vertical obstacles, and cross 1 m trenches.

ARMA 8x8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle

Otokar presented the ARMA wheeled armored vehicle for the first time to the public at Eurosatory 2010. ARMA is a new generation modular multi-wheeled armored vehicle with superior tactical and technical features. The modular and highly protected hull design of ARMA 8x8 provides a multipurpose platform that enables seamless integration of various types of mission equipment and weapon systems that meet modern armed forces' needs in combat and peacekeeping operations. Being an agile and highly maneuverable platform, ARMA can operate over long distances in a wide range of challenging terrains from deserts to arctic conditions. Thanks to its high level of ballistic and mine protection, as well as the exceptional design that allows the integration of various types of weapon stations and mission equipment, ARMA is an adaptable platform for evolving mission needs in a modern battlefield. Designed to meet specific requirements of different customers in modern combat, peace keeping, and human relief operations, ARMA is available in various types of mission configurations such as Armored Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Mobile Gun System, Mortar Carrier, Command Post, Ambulance, CBRN Reconnaissance, Driver Training, Reconnaissance, Maintenance, and Recovery.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art design and engineering, ARMA has a low silhouette and compact vehicle size with large internal volume and high payload. The vehicle has growth potential for future emerging requirements and provides superior mobility in a wide range of demanding terrains. It features an armored monocoque hull protecting crew members against a wide variety of threats. The engine and powertrain are located at the right front of the vehicle. It can be configured to carry up to eleven troops seated face to face, in addition to the commander, gunner, and driver. The vehicle is also equipped with ergonomically designed seating for protection and comfort.

The independent suspension system enhanced with Run Flat Tires (14.00 R20), built-in Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), and Anti-locking Brake System (ABS) improves ground mobility and ride comfort even over the roughest terrain. The vehicle’s mobility is further enhanced with longitudinal and transverse differential locks and the high power to weight ratio coupled with high ground clearance and approach/departure angles.

ARMA has an overall length of 7.9 m, a width of 2.9 m, a height of 2.3 m, and weighs around 27 tons. Its ground clearance is 42 cm. It is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine (from 450 hp to 700 hp) mated to an automatic gearbox. It has a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a maximum range of 700 km (430 mi). It features fully independent suspension with spring & shock absorber. The amphibious version of ARMA has an approximately 8 km/h swimming speed and 1.8 m fording depth. It can traverse 30% side slopes, 60% gradient, climb over 70 cm vertical obstacles, and cross 2 m trenches