FN Herstal’s Finnish Subsidiary Expands Manufacturing Capacity for Optoelectronics

Date: Issue 123 - July 2023

The expansion program began in November 2022 and was completed in March 2023. At an acquisition and renovation cost of more than 1,150,000€, the production area was increased from 450 sqm to 620 sqm. This now provides sufficient space for current production and will allow more workstations to be added to cater to future requirements. 

The program was completed on time, to budget, and is already operational. As Noptel's CEO Arto Sepponen explained: "Noptel's location in the Tecknocent building situated in Northern Finland's technology hub at Oulu Teknologiakylä has been a great asset, the flexibility of the space will enable and support the growth and expansion of our business far into the future."