FNSS Aims to Reach $500 Million Turnover as of 2018

In recent years FNSS has taken sound a

Date: Issue 63 - September 2015

Defence Turkey:  Mr. Nail Kurt, first of all I would like to thank you for your time.   Can you provide us with your insight regarding FNSS in 2014 as well as updates for the first half of 2015?

I would say that in terms of growth and sales figures, our position is very positive.  As FNSS, we set a 10-year strategic plan.  We also have a compressed version of this strategic plan that has 3-year and 4-year projections. Now we are moving with the compressed projections.  In the defence industry, it is not always possible to accomplish everything as scheduled, as delays can occur.  Requirements vary, therefore slowing down decision-making, as we experienced with a couple of our projects.  However, these delays will not be reflected in terms of sales for 2014 and 2015.  For 2016 and 2017, our progress may be slower than our forecasted numbers, but we will continue to our growthprocess as planned.