FNSS and PT. Pindad, Completes Conceptual Design of the Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT)

Issue 72 - March 2017

FNSS of Turkey and PT. Pindad of Indonesia have advanced on their Joint Development Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) project. The conceptual design of MMWT has been completed and was revealed during the Indo Defense 2016, International Tri-Service Defense Expo & Forum, from 2 – 5 November at the Jakarta, Indonesia.

Turkey and Indonesia initiated the project to develop MMT in 2014. The production of the first prototype has already started. FNSS and PT Pindad make up the prime contractors of the project, whose intellectual property rights will be owned by the two countries.

MMWT design comprises advanced ballistic and mine protection with broad range of fire power, from close support of infantry to anti-armour. MMWT’s precision direct fire capability ensures required lethality with an outstanding tactical and strategic mobility. Rear configuration power pack of the vehicle is combined with advanced electronic controlled systems and heavy-duty suspension system.

The vehicle’s new generation engine supplies adequate power, coupled with a fully automatic electronic controlled transmission, which results in a minimum of 20 hp/ton ratio, depending on the configurable protection system. MMWT gets its advanced mobility capability from 6-wheeled suspension system built on torsion bars with double pinned tracks.  The power pack of the vehicle is equipped with high capacity cooling pack and fuel tanks. The cooling pack is cooled by an intelligent software driven hydraulic fan for optimum torque extraction and fuel economy, and two separate fuel tanks provide a minimum operating range of 450 km. An auxiliary power unit enables turret operation when vehicle engine is not running, by charging the battery system. Advanced battery monitoring system is also equipped for optimum power management and Silent Watch capabilities.  The interior of the vehicle is engineered carefully considering ergonomics of crew and different tactical and battlefield conditions including driving, firing and ammunition load and unload. Special type of driver seat enables operator to have adequate field of view with accessibility to all cabin equipment.  MMWT comprises state of art modern technology platform with superior firepower supported with battlefield management and laser warning systems, providing tactical awareness to the commander. It will have high-end mine and ballistic protection in its class and in this sense MMWT guarantees required fire support against battlefield threads with speed of response at a very short notice, providing superior survivability and mobility on the battlefield.

Conceptual Background

MMWT brings new technologies and innovative fighting skills to the battlefield. MMWT direct- fire combat roles may include:

Combat operations against medium and light armour, including; IFVs, APCs, reconnaissance vehicles, combat support vehicles, armoured engineering vehicles, artillery equipment, recovery vehicles and logistic support vehicles.

Fire support tasks against; dismounted infantry, logistic support sites and defensive positions.

For these roles, the MMWT combines an effective direct-fire weapon with a capable sighting system. This combination enables MMWT to achieve first round hits at battle at long ranges. The tank can fire both AP and HE ammunitions, as well can employ secondary weapons such as 50-cal or 7.62 mm MGs for medium-range area shoots and close-range self-defence.

Although medium tanks are seen as a no-match for heavy main battle tanks (MBTs) in the 60-70 tonnes range, utilizing its stealth and mobility, MMWT can be tasked against MBTs in specific scenarios, such as mobile screening operations, flank attacks, ambush attacks, emergency delaying operations and support of friendly MBTs.

Moreover, as MMWTs tend to be more easily transported and, once on the battlefield, have very good tactical mobility and these factors, together with a reasonable level of armour and capable weapons make them suitable for other roles including:

Rear area security tasks against light mobile or air-landed forces,

Counter penetration roles,

Delaying operations,

Combat recce tasks,

Screening operations,

Escorting of light armour or soft-skinned vehicle convoys, and

Deep penetration operations in the enemy’s rear areas.