FNSS Armored Vehicles Successfully Execute “Passage from Deadwater” Drill

Issue 80 - March 2018

The systems designed and produced by FNSS played an active role in the drill named “Passage from Dead Water.” It was executed in the Thrace region by the 55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Köprücü Battalion Command.  During the drill, the commando units first crossed the shore and took beachhead security for an attack to be performed on the simulated enemy territory on the opposite side of the shore. After the screening smoke, reinforcement units were dispatched to the area with fast boats.

After the area was secured as per the scenario, the related efforts were swiftly launched on the water for the operation of military vehicles. Designed by FNSS engineers, the “Kunduz” Armored Amphibious Combat Earthmover (AACE), which is unique in the world due to its amphibious capability, swam together with other units to arrange the opposite shore and prepare the beachhead for a bridge crossing.

The Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) and the Improved Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles produced by FNSS were transferred to the area by swimming in the water together with fully equipped infantry units.

During the exercise, with the Armored Amphibious Assault Bridge (SAMUR) vehicles also designed and produced by FNSS engineers, having the ability to move on land, the transfer of main battle tanks and other armored and logistics units was accomplished in the bridge configuration.

The exercise, involving 197 personnel and 61 military vehicles, was successfully accomplished under challenging conditions due to rain showers.